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Planning your honeymoon? Wondering where to take your beloved for holidays? Want to go to a place where you can have fun, enjoy and spend quality time with your spouse in complete privacy? If yes, then consider travelling to Italy. From stunning white sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, art treasures and mouth-watering food, Italy is perhaps the best place to bond with your better half and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

If your dear one loves history, then what better way to start your holiday in Italy than to visit Rome? It’s a legendary city that treasures several historic attractions like Vatican Museum, Pantheon, Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. You’re next stop can be Venice. This is the go-to destination for all couples on honeymoon because this is the place where love is in full-swing. Here you can enjoy gondola rides with your spouse, eat delectable meals at cosy cichetti joints, and all in all have a great time. If you’re looking for an island holiday, then head to Sicily and Sardinia to relax and rejoice by the coast on sandy beaches.

No matter where you holiday, it’s important that you choose a self-catering holiday home rental in Italy. Unlike hotel rooms where privacy is invaded by hotel service and cleaning staff members time to time, holiday homes in Italy ensure that you enjoy your holidays in complete privacy without any interruption or disturbance.

More importantly, the rent of these homes is quite economical.  You can easily get a luxurious villa at a competitive rental price and enjoy your holidays in Italy in style and luxury while saving big. And you know what that means; you’ll have plenty of money in hand to spend on your honeymoon and shop.

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We at Holiday Homes Direct make the process of booking holiday homes on rent simple, quick and very easy. All steps are performed online sparing you from the stress and hassle of arranging meetings with the owner every now and then. Whether you want to rent a big beachfront villa with a pool or small cosy apartment or may be a cottage, we have all types of holiday homes for rent! Start searching for your dream holiday home today!